"The Strings of the Lute, a novel adorned with beautiful observations and meditations, looks at the dynamics of cultural encounters between people who are perceived as essentially different and irreconcilable. ... Colucci presents her case for coexistence between cultures, rather than the menace of clash of civilizations, compellingly." -    Dr. Atef Alshaer, The Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication

"The Strings of the Lute is a beautiful novel about three people, a woman, a man, and their child, who bravely and lovingly negotiate their way through the difficult terrain of blended religions and blended cultures. ... A luminous compassion is the prevailing quality of the novel, and I found it hard to put down. ... It is unpretentious, honest and stunningly beautiful." - Beate  Sigriddaughter, Moondance

"She's Like a Rainbow is a well written narrative filled with a highly readable account of Moroccan society ... set against a colorful backdrop, interesting plot twists and turns, well-fleshed out characters and even an interweaving of the American Native story of the White Buffalo ... Colucci weaves a delicate narrative sure to intrigue readers who may want to know more of their own personal story ... Recognition that nearly everyone is an amalgam of many races, beliefs, and cultures is one of the basic tenets of our society and underpins the book, which moves smoothly between Morocco and New York ... The book is rich in Moroccan culture, and Colucci provides excellent research and details about the people and culture, as well as depicting a fascinating story of family, self-awareness, and prejudice." - Molly Martin, Compulsive Reader

"SHE'S LIKE A RAINBOW by Eileen Colucci is an original and creative story that illustrates how we are more similar than different, with our own insecurities and problems dogging us. Teens and adults alike can learn a thing or two from Reema. ...The writing is wonderful and touches on many issues, such as being Muslim, and adoption. I would highly recommend this story to people of all ages." - Sherry Fundin, FUNDINMENTAL

"This is a story about family, prejudice and acceptance. .... Set in Morocco and New York, SHE'S LIKE A RAINBOW takes readers on a journey of discovery. ... It was a good story with an interesting premise." - Al Stone, CBY Book Club